Choice Office Furniture offers a full range of office furniture storage solutions.

Filing systems and storage systems needs vary from company to company and to accommodate each individual company’s office storage requirements, Choice Office Furniture has a full range of office furniture storage solutions to choose from.  A well designed and well maintained filing system will ensure easy retrieval of documents and prevention of loss of important information thereby reducing company costs.

The various filing systems in use are  lever arch files, hanging files, Lateral Filing Systems and Top Retrieval Filing Systems.  There are also Bulk Filing systems and bolted shelving for warehouse storage and general office storerooms.

All our ranges have cabinets that can be matched with any current office furniture up to accommodate any of the above filing systems.  To ensure maximum utilisation of office space, all our cabinets are sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Choice Office Furniture also supplies all the accessories necessary for filing cabinets and top retrieval cabinets like the containers and labels for the files.

For other storage requirements like credenzas, we have various options to choose from.   Depending on what you want to spend on credenzas, you can choose to have a pedenza, which is a combination of a credenza and a pedestal.  This unit comes in a sliding door or a roller door.  Our roller doors come in Silver, Black and Translucent colours.  The sliding door or the roller door on a pedenza can be made to close the whole unit or only the section with the shelves leaving the pedestal side open. 

All our pedestals come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Pedestals can be mobile, which means that they can fit under a desk or they can stand next to a desk.  Recently pedestals have been manufactured with upholstered cusions on top which then doubles up as an extra seat should someone want to sit next to the operator at a desk.  This is a clever way to save on the costs of a visitors chair. 

A pedestal can also have three or four drawers with a pen and pencil tray.  All our pedestals have central locking systems and come standard with two keys. 

 The pedestal can also have one deep drawer instead of two regular drawers. This is especially handy for women who like to lock up their handbags or this can be utalised for exprea filing space and will take both hanging files and lever arch files.

Normal storage cabinets come in roller doors and hinge doors.  The roller doors come in grey, black or translucent.  

Choice Office Furniture also supplies various bookcases in many sizes.   

For more information on storage requirments for your offices please contact  Choice Office Furniture.