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Nobody likes to be kept waiting, but sometimes it happens. One way you can ease the pain of having to wait is to make your waiting and reception area come to life for your visitors.
The importance of having a clean, peaceful and welcoming reception area cannot be overstated. For many of your visitors, whether they are clients, consultants, business associates or employee candidates, the reception is their first glimpse of the organization’s “behind the scenes”.
The reception area and receptionist set the tone and create expectations of the quality of service the business has to offer.If your reception area could use some improving, here are 3 easy tips for projecting a more positive company image when greeting guests.
Step 1
Whether you realize it or not, we all judge a book by its cover, so keep the reception area professional, clean and unencumbered.
Clutter gives an impression of disorganization, while clean and organized surfaces reflect the seamless service visitors can expect when dealing with your company.
Just like the company’s sales reps, you also represent the organization, through your interactions with potential clients, candidates and business associates. You are indirectly selling your company, and should dress and act professionally.
Step 2
When greeting visitors, stop your work, smile and be prepared to engage in small talk (probably general information about the company or the weather).
To further personalize their arrival, encourage your colleagues to inform you in advance of visitors’ names and their estimated time of arrival so that you can greet them by name. Visitors will know they matter to your organization, which in turn will make for much more productive and positive meetings.
Step 3
Create an agreeable and relaxed atmosphere with music. Know your clientele and play the type of music they would consider “classics” with minimum advertisements (web radio or Galaxie channels are both good resources).
The right music will put visitors in good spirits for whatever they came to do, and will help them focus before their meeting. It also makes two relative strangers waiting in the same space feel less awkward—no one feels the need to fill in the silence. Furthermore, it allows you to work on other tasks without appearing to be dismissive.